Conceiving, writing, editing, and delivering guide content to help create lead generation, customer retention, and brand building collateral is a core service I provide. I work closely with your marketing, executive, and design teams to conceive, communicate, and deliver a piece that will exceed your expectations.

Here are various samples of PDF and printed guides I’ve helped bring from concept to completion.

Calilhanna Marketing Vocal Guide cover The Vocalist’s Guide to Recording, Rehearsing, and Performing
I wrote the entirety of this guide, incorporating material from an interview I conducted with a vocal coach and small amounts of additional content from a previous blog post on the subject of vocal performance.
Making a Great Master Making A Great Master
A revision of a popular guide, originally called The Master Tape Guide, I worked with our audio engineers and project managers to update and revise the guide to meet the specs and standards of today’s audio requirements.
Calilhanna Marketing Touring Guide cover The Complete Guide to Touring as an Indie
Another guide driven by popular blog posts, this project was equal parts editing and creative writing. Most of the creativity was in chiseling out the jewels from the mountain of content and presenting it as a coherent whole.
Calilhanna Marketing DVD Menu Guide cover Designing Custom DVD Menus
While I don’t have the writing credit on this guide, I did a significant amount of editing and tweaking of the original content to get this two-part newsletter series to read as a stand-alone guide.

Additional guide samples available. Contact me for more.

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